Han mitakuyapi, lakoliya Anunkhasan Winyan emaciyapi, anishinaabemowin misaabekwe indiginikaas, na wasicu iya Jen emaciyapi, na sicangu lakota hemacha. Hello relatives, my name is Jen Langreck in English, Bald Eagle Woman in lakota, and Saabe Woman in anishinaabe, and I am Sicangu Lakota, Enrolled in the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. I have three degrees, one from Century College and two from the U of M Twin Cities. I am the mother to a 4 year old named Freddie and have a husband named Bennett (together 12 years, married 8 years). I LOVE spooky stuff and Halloween, and my favorite author is Edgar Allan Poe. I have been homeless more than once, went to 11+ different schools growing up, and moved around a lot due to poverty. I like many varieties of Punk music, I love art (painting, drawing, photography, beading, sewing, etc.) and

I have art hung permanently in Century College. I was also awarded Student of the Year in Earth Science from Century, and won the Emerging Tribal Writer award for our region. I am a vegetarian and a twin, with a total of 6 siblings. I love my two cats and one dog, tattoos, trying new things, and laughing a lot.

Nick is our student and family engagement specialist here at Nawayee. He has mainly worked as a musician for the past number of years, with a career that took him from Minnesota to Texas to New York. Throughout his travels, Nick has had the opportunity to work as a student outreach specialist as well as a performer and has developed a love for both. Outside of his duties at Nawayee, Nick enjoys running, canoeing, and woodworking.

Alexis Schulze

Alex grew up nearby in Lino Lakes, MN and received her bachelor’s degree in mathematics with an education specialization from South Dakota State University. In her free time, she enjoys reading, doing sudoku puzzles, and listening to music.

Math Teacher

Walt Johson was given the Lakota name of “Tawa Wakan Gli” which means “Lightning that Zig-Zags” at a Hunkapi Ceremony on 12-12-2019 at Nawayee Center School.  Walt lives in North Minneapolis with his wife, Annie and their little dog, “Carina.”  Walt enjoys many activities such as taking long walks with his puppy dog, gardening, hiking, canoeing, bicycle riding, camping, and watching streaming video shows.

Science Teacher