Student Re-engagement Plan

At Center School, we have seen firsthand the results of these difficult years. We have seen the exhaustion, the grief, and the questioning of many things including the structure of our educational system. In response to this, our school is ensuring that every measure is being taken to ensure that our students feel they are being offered practical and relevant educational opportunities in a holistic and healing environment. We are striving to ensure that the experience students receive here is not confined within the walls of our building, but reaches out into the community and connects our students to the opportunities that await them in the real world.

Engaging Future Students

Our mission starts with students we have not yet met. There are many reasons students may succeed here at Center School. Maybe they learn better with smaller class sizes. Maybe they learn through hands on experience. Maybe they need a place that celebrates culturally contextualized education. We are here to help our students discover what they need to chase the success they deserve.

Engaging Current Students

Our students at Center School benefit from smaller class sizes, which allows for a more personalized education. No matter how specific or broad our students interests are, we have the staff and the means to help them explore. Further, we at Center School strive to hear our students' voices and celebrate their achievements through our new multi-media engagement department which includes:

  • Video news
  • Written news
  • Podcasts
  • Social media engagement

Engaging Caregivers

At Center School, we hope that the families of our students will feel as welcome in our community as our students do. Throughout the year we hold several barbeques, feasts, and ceremonies that student families are encouraged to attend.

Engaging the Community

We encourage our students to engage with the community and learn that they have the power to affect the change they want to see in the world. Our students frequently visit sites and events of cultural importance. We hold frequent events with Native professionals from around the country and from a wide variety of career fields, offering our students a chance to explore different possibilities for their future in a personal and interactive way.  We also keep our students well informed about upcoming events and opportunities.