School Life

We integrate Native culture with academics and support services. Cultural classes include art, spirituality, family, community, and native language traditions. American Indian cultural values and beliefs are modeled and integrated throughout the entire curriculum. In addition to accredited academics, elective classes include; Beadwork, Drum Group, Outfit Making, and Indigenous Leadership. 

2020-2021 Nawayee Center School Testing Schedule


Spring 2021 MCA:  Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment
The MCA will be given at Nawayee Center School
The MCA Reading  will be Monday, April 26th for students in grades 7-12
The MCA Math will be Tuesday, April 27th for students in grades 7-12
The MCA Science (only for grade 11 students who will have completed 1 year
of biology at the end of this year) will be Thursday, April 29
Makeups for any missed MCA's will be on Monday, May 3rd and Thursday, May

MPS District Assessment Calendar this contains information about all the tests administered at MPS, and their purposes.

MPS Assessments page on MPS website this includes a direct link to English version of the Parent/Guardian Guide and Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing and a link to MDE Statewide page, which contains translations of this document at the bottom of the page.