Mary Cullen, Lead Teacher

Mary Cullen grew up on the south side of Minneapolis where she still lives today. For the past twenty-four years she has taught, and continues to teach, at alternative schools in the Philips and Powderhorn communities. These schools all serve “at risk” youth. Over the years she has been involved in a variety of grant specific projects.

Some years back she was involved in creating a community garden at Center School which was made possible by a grant from General Mills. This project created a unique opportunity to develop curriculum that was not only about gardening and producing food but also lent itself well to environmental issues. Using a theme based approach students designed, cultivated, and planted the garden. They also: tested the soil, tested water in local ponds and streams, learned about and created three rain gardens in the back of the school, created a three bin composting system, studied about carbon foot printing, and the effects of global warming. This project is now in its ninth season and Center School continues to build upon it.

Mary holds a 7-12 license in English/Language Arts, a K-12 license in reading, and a masters in Educational Leadership.

Lead Teacher